[Fabian Padilla, aka] OMXR is dance's archangel, beloved for a fascinating blend of gritty, nose-bleeding bass and contemporary pop EDM styles. Well-mannered, OMXR maintains an air of humility while being a master of curating the vibe on any floor he graces. He began his career as a DJ in small town, Daly City, California, catching the production bug soon after when feeling a need to expand his wings.

“I'll never put anything out if I wait...”

It would take him many moons to reach a comfortable point in releasing music of his own. Starting in middle school, he became a student of the craft, listening to music, learning production, and attending raves that would push him to shift dreams into reality. After making a remix of KIGH G's Obsessions, OMXR became SYGNWAV newest artist, making his performance debut headlining day 2, at the experience label's 2020 Syndicate Summer Sessions festival.